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  • Steven, was the Win8 PC version built by a new trainee or what? It seams the old technical engineers have been allocated to tablet division. Why oh why must we use IT Admin commands just to shut down our machines. Let me give you my experience with your win8 in shutting down.

    1. Hover over start, nothing happens. Right click screen, then you get the options to go to settings, power, then shut down. So it is (1 right click+1 Settings select+ 1find power+ 1 select power. I am tired by then and will just press power button for 5 seconds to force shutdown.

    2. I am at the metro screen, let us shut down. Oh wait, you can only log off and such. Well let us log off and then we see the power button to shut down. So it is (1+ start button, 1+ logoff button on Metro, 1+power button and then 1+ shut down select.

    I know that this is a developer preview, but if MS focus too much on Apps and tablets, they wil have a Win Vista period. I can see it now, Bill Gates having to make a press conference to say that MS made a mistake and promise to fix our problem  by releasing Windows 9 or Windows Metro plus (Trademarked) in 2013. You guys will be fired and we will all have lost the year 2012 year.

    Saturday, November 5, 2011 6:14 AM


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  • On the Desktop, press Alt+F4 then choose Shut down, Restart, etc.

    Saturday, November 5, 2011 8:46 AM
  • hi there,

    as it has been discussed, the windows 8 DP is focused on tablets, and by design, they SHOULD NOT be shut down, just get into hybernation/sleep.

    as for the desktop use of Win8 DP, is is effectively unusual and unefficient to use your mouse to shut it down/restart it, but then again, power saving modes and hibernation are there to help you save on your electrical bill AND allow you tu have a quick startup/wakeup sequence whenever you need your computer ON.

    I guess, and understand, and support, your point of view, but time will tell if MS has the right approch or not, afterall, my wife's Ipad2 is NEVER shut downed, and it surely can be usefull to have it ON in seconds whenever needed...when i give her my laptop, that is one of the things she cannot understand: "why in god's name is it THAT LONG to come up (and it's fast for a pc - around 10 secs), why do you always shut it down!"

    wait and see, try win8 DP for what it's made and chill up til the Beta!

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    Saturday, November 5, 2011 10:23 AM