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  • Microsoft are you going to give "Game Developers" a Tool Kit in DX11  for the PC version of multi-platform games, because consoles are sticking with there out dated hardware And console only handle DX9!

    PC is moving forward, The LGA 2011 Socket, X79 Express Chipset is out already with the Sandy Bridge processors, In april of 2012 the 22nm processors with hit the market with the new graphic cards that are in PCI express 3.0 and are also in DX11 . Game Developers are not going to be utilizing the technology of this monster of a platform because of how Game Developers make Multi-Platform games! Microsoft it's not fair for the PC gamers that have the new hardware that Intel brought out already. I plan on getting this new setup in April of 2012 when the 22nm processors come out with the new Graphic Cards!

    I as a PC gamer, I want the "NEXT GENERATION" in gaming, the consoles are the ones that are holding  the PC back. I want to know if you could give the Game Developers something of your understanding that will unleash the ture potential of the LGA 2011 Socket, X79 Expess Chipset with the Sandy Bridge processors and the New Graphic Cards for Multi-platform games, Something that will up scale the PC version in games!!!

    P.S hope you get to read this message.

    Sunday, February 12, 2012 2:21 AM


  • Hi Ezjohny,

    Thank you for your feedback. This forum is for discussion of how to write Metro style apps with DirectX 11. DirectX 11 will scale down to the capabilities of lower end hardware if that is all that is available so developers can target the full range of hardware with a single application.


    Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:00 AM