Acer PDC09 Tablet: switches into mouse mode


  • Hey I was out of the country and couldn't attend BUILD this year  :( so I pulled out my trusted old PDC'09 tablet and installed the developer preview on it. I have found that on a clean restart, touch mode works brilliantly, but if it ever sleeps/locks/etc. when it comes back its in mouse mode and the touch input doesn't work well at all. This is even when the screen has been swiveled into keyboard-less mode. Anybody else had similar experience?
    Monday, September 19, 2011 6:35 PM

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  • Markti,

    Have you try to install OEM drivers for your Acer PDC09 tablet?

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 6:36 PM
  • See if you have applied all of the current Windows Updates to the Windows Developer Preview.
    One of the updates may help with returning from Sleep.



    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 7:08 PM
  • I noticed the same behavior on my PDC09 Acer. I think that Windows has a problem detecting the tablet mode on wakeup. If I swivel the screen back to "laptop" mode and then back to "tablet" mode, that usually fixes it.
    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 7:36 PM