Visual Studio frequently hangs when i switch network to a non-internet connected network


  • Hello.

    At my workplace we have a secured LAN without internett Connection. My development cycle often involves switching from regular internett Connected LAN to a non-internett Connected LAN. Every time i do this procedure Visual studio becomes unresponsive for 1 minute, before working again. If i continue to work after this i will experience unresponsivness maybe 10 times pr hour. To me it seems that Visual studio makes use of some internett features which it needs to have a timeout on before beeing responsive again.

    My development environment is a Surface Pro 4 I7, Visual studio 2015 Update 3 and of course Windows 10 with all available updates installed.

    This is somewhat frustrating because it slows me down when working.

    Is this familier to anyone? Is there anything i can do to make Visual Studio work better without internett?

    Thursday, July 14, 2016 5:54 AM


  • Hi,

    one problem that was reportet on the forums was, that the licensing code might have caused such issues.

    If you have a commercial version, you could try to enter the license key. That way Visual Studio is no longer checking if your account is connected to a valid license. (That was something that I did because I had some strange errors that soemtimes Visual Studio wasn't starting because my license was not up to date or stuff like that. And after that experience I always enter the license key.)

    if you are using the community edition, then I fear that there is no such solution (if it is the license code of Visual Studio that is causing these interrupts).

    With kind regards,


    Thursday, July 14, 2016 11:52 AM