Enumerating files


  • Hi All,


    I am creating Metro App in c++.

    I want to enumerate files from any location e.g. C:\windows.

    I am using Win32 APIs supported in WinRT like FindFirstFileEx, FindNextFile.

    And I am also getting list of files. If file found, I try to open and read file. Windows allow me to do this.

    But, if I directly going to open file without enumerate them, then windows gives me access denied.

    What will be reason?

    Why it does not give me access to read file directly without enumerate them and allow me after enumeration?

    One more point is that, after enumeration, when I read file, it gives me encrypted/garbage data.

    If any one come across this issue, then please help me.


    Thanks & Regards,


    Thursday, December 15, 2011 6:14 AM

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