Has anyone managed to include TeamViewer SDK (ScreenSharingSDK) into a Xamarin.Forms iOS Project? RRS feed

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    We have been trying to integrate the TeamViewer SDK for iOS for some time without success :( I have found this thread that brought me some ways, although I am still getting the following warning und subsequent error while compiling: Native linking warning: warning: ignoring file /Users/user/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/project/guid/obj/iPhone/Debug/device-builds/ipad6.3-10.3.2/mtouch-cache/ScreenSharingSDK.framework/ScreenSharingSDK, file was built for unsupported file format ( 0x56 0x65 0x72 0x73 0x69 0x6F 0x6E 0x73 0x2F 0x43 0x75 0x72 0x72 0x65 0x6E 0x74 ) which is not the architecture being linked (arm64): /Users/user/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/project/guid/obj/iPhone/Debug/device-builds/ipad6.3-10.3.2/mtouch-cache/ScreenSharingSDK.framework/ScreenSharingSDK

    I have tried various linker flags and settings, to no avail.

    Did anyone here have success integrating this SDK in their Xamarin.Forms iOS project or does anyone have any pointers on how to solve above warning/error?

    Wednesday, July 19, 2017 4:00 PM

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  • User272135 posted

    @GottfriedMayer You are building a native library with a missing architecture. Linker will not help, you need to add the proper architectures into your .a file.

    If you want a list of the supported architectures, you can find a list here under the Architecture Support header.

    Most Xamarin iOS bindings I see try to get these architectures: * Devices: armv7, armv7s, arm64 * Simulators: i386, x86_64

    The link doesn't tell you what i386 or x86_64 are, but those are for 32 bit simulators and 64 bit simulators respectively.

    Thursday, July 20, 2017 2:39 PM