AdvancedSearch never fires AdvancedSearchComplete event for client using non-cached Outlook RRS feed

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  • Hi, 

    I am having some strange behaviour regarding one user where we can see that the AdvancedSearch is started but the complete event never fires (we give it a 30 min period to complete before automatically stopping it). There are no errors being thrown that we can see either.

    We have already tried scoping the search period to 1 day and varying the date around it is searching, however this doesn't help things. The weird thing is that this is working fine for most other clients across multiple versions of Outlook including those also using non-cached mode, so there must be some edge case relating to this client's particular instance of exchange.

    Do you know any reasons why AdvancedSearchComplete event might not ever trigger?

    Monday, July 25, 2016 3:30 PM

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