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  • Hello everybody,

    I saw a thread on a similar topic here with some paths to follow, this is why I came here. If the solution is really specific to the type of DataSet well then I shall search somewhere else ...

    On a .Net web site, I created two DataSets with Visual Studio 2005, on the same table on a MySql database. On the development machine, it runs quite nice and I could write a tool to join a newsletter list.

    When deployed on the server, I get the error System.Data.Design.InternalException, with the first line of the xsd file being shown in red on the default error page.

    In some forums, it appears the path to the database can be outdated, which can be the case when deploying, as the path on the developing machine is not valid on the server. This sounds strange in the present case, as the path to the database is given in the web.config in configuration\connectionStrings. The path has been corrected on the web.config on the server (with direct edition on the server, I shall search a more elegant way to do that), and the connection with a Connection object defined in the code of the page (so without the DataSet) runs well.

    In some other forums (as here for instance), it appears that some structure differences can exist between the base on the development machine, that was used to create the DataSet, and the one on the server (the server support insisted that it is not possible to access the server base from Visual Studio, because of the firewall configuration). I obtained the table creation request from the source table (with SHOW CREATE TABLE + the name of the table), and created the table on the server with this request, after deleting it first.

    Well, I still obtain the same error on the page.

    I erased the TableAdapters just to see, and the error is still there.

    Does anyone see in what direction to search ?

    Sunday, September 13, 2009 1:57 PM