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  • Okay, after using windows developer preview for quite some time (as primary OS) and following this forum and the official replies to our feedback, I am quite satisfied how it goes so far.

    Here I will express my ideas about disappearance of classic start menu,and what the new short start menu needs to compensate. Also I'll tell my marketing ideas.

    Desktop Start menu is still needed but it can be much shorter, with 5 charms and few more buttons:


    1. Programs pinned to start menu and recent program list are indeed not used that much. Pinning to taskbar can replace them. Favourites can be accesed from user folder, so they are not needed.

    2. My Computer, My music, My libraries, Games. These part is more important. One way to fix it, is to force My computer, User folder, Libraries to be displayed at desktop together with Recycle Bin. Folders like My Music, My Videos are not needed, as in win7 they were confusing (you were not sure where they lead - to user folder or to library).

    Still, another way is to add them to the short start menu (optional)

    3. Desktop Control panel and Run can be removed from start menu. And added somewhere else - When you hit settings charm, in the setting green bar there is plenty of space to put link to desktop control panel, metro control panel, connections, and run. (i'd strongly suggest you do that)


    4. When you hit devices charm, devices and printers can be put as a link in "devices" bar.


    5. What remains is recent items list and "all programs". Both of them must remain. Maybe as a green bar somehow, with its search as well. All programs are useful because desktop apps have many components organized in folders. This is really needed!


    So here you have it: a short desktop start menu with 5 charms and few more buttons. Which fits to metro concept and still keeps people happy (at least most of them). This way transition is less drastic and getting used to is easier.

    I really hope you consider what i wrote.


    Now about marketing. here let me write how I'd do it:

    Windows Phone - smartphone OS. Later it can adapt more concepts from win8, like search button can be replaced with button bringing 3 charms: share, search and setings.

    Windows Tablet - ARM based win8.

    Windows PC - x86 and x64 win8.


    One thing I like in windows phone is that it has one edition and has free office. Now I know its an utopia to ask you to put office 2012 to win8 for free. But you can make windows 8 have only one edition. really! I can't imagine how many people will be happy about it. This will also compensate the risks about adapting to windows 8 innovations. Microsoft prestige will also increase and people will complain less about the "evil monopoly" and empire and stuff like that.

    Limit users less. And do the innovative transitions more smoothly (by the way I described the desktop start menu above).


    I hope you find this post useful. Have a nice day.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011 10:02 AM

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  • Also about pinning desktop apps to start screen:

    Using k-lite codec pack as an example: when the install finishes, instead of auto-pinning all codecs, tools and everything to start screen, a dialog window should pop-up asking user to select components to pin.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011 11:58 AM