Finding the XYZ real world coordinates of the Kinect for Windows V2 RRS feed

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  • Hi Everyone;

    I am new to Kinect development and this might be sort of a basic question but I searched online and still confused about the matter.

    So I have a depth image that I obtained from the Kinect for windows V2 and through some algorithm that I developed on MATLAB, I was able to output the Z distance in mm.

    So now I want to have the X,Y real world coordinates as well. 

    So to do that I am using the following equations that I found for the old system:

     x_world = (x_screen - c_x) * B/f_x;
     y_world = (y_screen - c_y) * B/f_y;

    where x_screen is the midpoint of the IR camera ( I am using the IR stream=512/2=256) and the y_screen (424/2=412)

    B is my distance in Zmm

    F_x and F_y is the focal length of the lens in x n y direction that I obtained through my own calibration.

    So am I doing it correctly?

    Is there any way I can use to double check the results I am getting?



    Tuesday, September 16, 2014 3:37 PM

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