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    I built a rather simple data base which contains a complexity, approximately my tables are as follows the Customer side: Customer, Customerorder, lineCustomerorder, Produced;    and then side Purchase : Purchaser, Supplier, Supplierorder,  (which depends on the tables Purchaser and Supplier)  Linesupplierorder,  Product (same table as Produced  in the Customers tables) the table produced is connected to two table Mouvements (In/Out) and These Mouvements tables are connected to a Stock table and an Emplacement table.

    Then my question is as follows I want to manage the sites dynamically   after each entry of product I want that the column availability in the table site changes value ( In: change the value passed to 0 and Out: change the value passed to 1) except that on this request there is another constraint which is the constraint of research ( in the table produced I have criteria such as the weight and the size that we find also in the table site which indicates the capacity of each site in weight and the face  and according to these criterions and the  basic one “the availability of the products” also. After having done the Out, the program must turn over me the sites in a listBox in the Form “MOVEMENT IN” and validation of the sites the value of the site pass to 0 what excluded it form the next In and the same thing at Out the products which left the sites where they were allotted pass to 1 so that they can be used again).

      Approximately it is very Complexes and I wonder if I must do it with or SQL or from the LINQ or the Three at the same time

    What can i do in LINQ to dataset to resolve this problem to take criteria of search for ones table and then fitered take the CODE_SItes in the table mouvement in specific colonne for the row when the cursor has foucused ?????

    I have one more question about the Primary keys of the tables, Could we personalize them or make an importation of data (as for example to import the data of another data base with the same types and the same the fields ex: from the data base of Sybase which is the same   language T-SQL as SQL Server)

    Information software: Visual Studio 2008 Pro SP1 and SQL Server Express train 2008

    Skills information: little knowledge on the creation of class or personalized object.


    Thank you

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee help meeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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