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    Project Online allows for a project ID (not the Guid!) to be built that follows custom rules, and it's defined in the EPT configuration page:

    However we have several legacy projects with their own legacy Project Identifier, and the old value must be used in the migration for Project Online.

    Using CSOM, I'm trying to write to this Project Identifier. I found this value in the DraftProject.FieldValues, and tried to write using the three approaches below, but none seems to work:

    project[projectIdentifier] = sourceRawValue;
    project.SetCustomFieldValue(projectIdentifier, sourceRawValue);
    project.FieldValues[projectIdentifier] = sourceRawValue;

    Whilst debugging, the first and second approaches don't even change the value. The third approach changes the value whilst debugging, however after publishing and checking in the project, the new value is ignored, and instead maintains the auto-generated value from Project Online. I've changed other values in the project and they were accepted, only the ProjectIdentifier value didn't go through.

    So it leads me to think, can ProjectIdentifier even be changed? If it doesn't, it would be weird to make it available in the FieldValues as these usual are writable values.

    Does anyone know a way of writing this value in the project using CSOM?

    Monday, August 22, 2016 9:45 AM