access remoteApp program so low, tcp receive operation takes too long RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I am using SQLServer 2008 R2 remoteapp, and i have deployed my regular window form application on the remote server using remoteapp manager and distributed my application to my collegues through installer package.  but my customer reported that after the remoteapp connnection UI appeared, he typed the domain user and password and hit Enter, he oftern had to wait for almost 30 seconds to see my application's startup UI.By the way ,he only checked the option mount the hard driver. no others option.

    I tried to pingpon what causes this so slow, I use procmon tool and capture the following data, I found

    on 17:58:54.930, it takes more than 12 seconds to finished the TCP Receive operation.It occupied 40 percentage of the whole 30 seconds. and other operations always finished quickly within one second.

    Could anybody know what possible causes this TCP Receive takes so long?

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    17:58:38.310 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Retransmit ->
    17:58:38.346 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Send ->
    17:58:38.346 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Receive ->
    17:58:38.346 mstsc.exe 10632 CloseFile C:\Windows\System32
    17:58:39.240 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Retransmit ->
    17:58:39.272 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Send ->
    17:58:42.714 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Receive ->
    17:58:54.930 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Receive ->
    17:58:54.930 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Receive ->
    17:58:54.931 mstsc.exe 10632 TCP Receive ->

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    Tuesday, December 19, 2017 12:25 PM