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  • I have windows 8 preview right now. So i can make my apps windows 8,1 compatible before the release day. I am also using visual studios 2013 preview. 

    I have a few questions.

    1.    Is there a Final Release of visual studios 2013 yet? I saw a Release Candidate one on the download page, but i do not know what release candidate means.

    2. Will the app certificate that came with Visual studios 2013 preview be a valid way to test my app so i can submit it evaluation for windows 8.1? Or do i need a stable release of visual studios first?

    3.  Do i need to specify somewhere in the app manifest that my app is for windows 8.1 when i am submitting it?  or will the test determine that and tell Microsoft?

    Thursday, October 3, 2013 4:45 AM


  • 1) No

    2) WACK for VS2013 should be enough to tell you, but you may want to test once RTM is released VS2013 to be sure before you submit for certification.

    3) The app manifest already knows what version the app is targeted for.

    Matt Small - Microsoft Escalation Engineer - Forum Moderator
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    Thursday, October 3, 2013 2:00 PM