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    Supose you have a SQL-Server with 3 Partitions  C: System, D: Database, E: Logfiles.

    Every single partition will be a separate VHD-File stored on 3 different physical-diskarrays of the Hyper-V-server to have the optimal diskperformance for it.

    Now take a snapshot. Waht will happen? All Snapshots of all 3 VHDS will be stored in the same path as configured in the v-machine's settings.

    So a very big amount of the DB-Server's perfomance will be lost because all "working"-snapshot-files are now in one directory and not spread over the 3 physical disks.
    An enormous (performance) disadvantage for such a system.

    What's your opinion about that?


    Friday, October 24, 2008 9:54 AM

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  • I would not use snapshots with a system such as that where disk IO performance is paramount.   Because of the differencing that is needed for ANY kind of snapshot/undo capability I think this would be common to ALL virtualization platforms.   Also for things like SQL you often want to use passthrough disks for best performance, and I don't think you can snapshot with those anyway. 


    But really if you want to get the more definitive answers and more educated opinions from of a much greater pool of true Hyper-V experts (PM's, MVP's etc) then you need to be over in the technet forums and not here  (at least for virtualization issues.. for programming stuff the MSDN forums are probably superior.. but for more technical and IT Operations type issues, Technet is where you want to be.


    As of 8/22/2008 this forum is de-comissioned, and there's pretty much nobody minding this particular MSDN forum..  all the virtualization support is over in the technet forum



    (note the pinned message at the top of the forum that they are de-commissioning these on the 22nd  )


    Further discussion of this issue should be moved to the technet virtulization forum.



    Monday, November 3, 2008 10:24 PM