Sending datas in textboxs to sql database on godaddy hosting. RRS feed

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    can u help about this application that I will explain below.I have a godaddy account and ı have a windows hosting over it.

    I am working with visual web developer.

    I have 3 textbox.  email,adress and orders   textbox.and one send button.

    ı want to send informations in textbox to database that be in godaddy.I am new and dont know but my teacher want  this from me.

    I created a table which called basket. and created 3 column which called email,address and orders.

    on  visual web developer,I created 3 textbox which called emailTextBox,addressTextBox,ordersTextBox.and ı put one button that be sendbutton.page's name is orders.aspx.

    what will codes be in sendbutton.what will I write.and also what will I write in web.config file.please help me.godaddy shows some information abaout database.I will write here to them for example.

    • SqlConnection (.NET):
    • Data Source=aaaaa.db.11111.hostedresource.com; Initial Catalog=aaaaa; User ID=aaaaa; Password='xxxxxxxxxx';
    • OLE DB, OleDbConnection (.NET):
    • Provider=sqloledb; Data Source=aaaaa.db.11111.hostedresource.com; Initial Catalog=aaaaa; User ID=aaaaa; Password='xxxxxxxxxx'
    How can ı use these.what are the codes.I dont know much thing.can u write the codes.I just did do templete of order.aspx page.codes can be vb or c#.it is no important.I just want sending textboxs datas to database with a way.Please help me.
    Friday, April 17, 2009 12:13 PM