how to search for a data within the dataset RRS feed

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  • i bring the data from the datasource to the dataset to present it in the datagrid view

    and i add a textbox for the customer to search for what he needs to update so the datagrid view return with one row for him to edit then he search for something else and change

    the problem is that i put in the textbox the same code i did to retrive data from datasource but this time with user searches

    this is consuming resources and the important thing it make me loose the user previous editcause everytime he search i clear the dataset to recieve the new one

    is there a way to search with in the dataset instead of going to the datasource everytime a key stroke in the text box

    keep in mind that the search is not in one item it could be something like this

    condition = " where contents like '%" & Me.txtSearch.Text & "%' or vessel like '%" & txtSearch.Text & "%' or bl like '%" & txtSearch.Text _
                & "%' or invoice like '%" & txtSearch.Text & "%' or lc like '%" & txtSearch.Text & "%' order by contents"

    cause either this or i also update everytime the keystroke and the textbox before i start the process all over again

    this is a sample of what i mean

    I am A Medical Doctor

    Wednesday, August 30, 2017 5:25 AM


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