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    I'm still using VS 2008, and in spite of some drawbacks of newer versions, I'm considering VS 2013 now. Some years ago, I was writing DirectX related code (native DirectX, not managed) within a /CLR project. Mainly being a VB.Net programmer, I'm used to much more rapid application development, among others due to very well working intellisense. However, regarding the latter, this was not the case in C++. Either intellisense was not available, wrong or inconsistent, or the IDE asked me to which definiton to go when selecting "go to defintion" even though the project was compilable and identifiers should be resolvable unambiguously. Deleting the .ncb file every five minutes was the main pain. So was jumping between header and implementation files which happened to work or not.

    Anyway, now I'm interested in your experience with improvements regarding intellisense in this area since VS 2008. Have major problems been fixed? Is mixed mode still a big challenge for VS? Your experience says more than I could try myself in a synthetic project.

    Thanks in advance.

    As this is not C++ language related but IDE related, I'm posting here, hoping it's the right forum.


    Friday, May 29, 2015 3:04 AM