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  • right now my query in c# looks like this,
    Table1Entry bMfi = MyDB.Table1.Single(x => x.Name == "abc");
    Table1 is like this {Name, field1, field2}.

    now i break Table1 into 2 tables,
    Table0 has {id, Name};
    Table1 has {id, field1, field2}.

    What's the easiest way to do a query based on Name now ?
    Sunday, August 11, 2013 10:38 PM


  • Hi ningji;

    I am going to assume that there is a foreign key association between the two tables. The field in table t1, fid, Is the foreign key to table T0. Also the results in bMfi will be of an anonymous type because of the joining of the two tables. If you create a class to hold the fields of the results set then you can assign it to a return type of that class type.

    var bMfi = MyDB.Table0.Join(Table1, t0 =>, t1 => t1.fid, (t0, t1) => new {, t0.Name, t1.field1, t1.field2}).Single( x => x.Name == "abc"); 


    Fernando (MCSD)

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