Team Foundation services are not available from server error when attempting to make WebAccess available from internet


  • Hello, we're running TFS 2010 and we'd like to make WebAccess available to couple of our selected testers so that they can work with workitems. Our configuration: 1) Primary (physical) server Win 2008 R2, which has physical connection to inet, lets call it MYCOMP-SRV. It has public ip with ports 80, 8080 open and DNS www.mycomp.org 2) VM (virtual) server Win 2008 R2 with TFS 2010 - lets call it MYCOMP-TFS. WebAccess works well within the network as well as when connected to VPN. We've set up nat to transfer calls from 80,8080 to appropriate ports on MYCOMP-TFS. We successfully tested dummy pages to make sure requests get through. Problem: when we try to access WebAccess from internet, after authentication, we end up on the "Select a Team Project to work with" which displays errors: Team Foundation services are not available from server http://MYCOMP-TFS:8080/tfs. Technical information (for administrator): Unable to connect to the remote server Solution attempt: We went to TFS Admin Console -> Aplication Tier -> Change URLs and set the Notification URL to http://www.mycomp.org/tfs & restarted the server. Unfortunately, we ended up with the same error, only the server address was the above. We tried couple of variations (w/o /tfs, with port :8080, etc.), none work. Think to note is that ONLY the original address (http://MYCOMP-TFS:8080/tfs) pases the "Test" link - all other end up with Unable to connect error. Thoughts: For some reason, we're not able to access http://www.mycomp.org (or even the public IP address of the MYCOMP-SRV) from the MYCOMP-TFS (other internet sites work though). So we even tried to add the www.mycomp.org to "hosts" file along with the IP address of the MYCOMP-TFS. That ended up with getting "not authorized" error instead of the "unable to connect". We have a feeling the issue is connected with the fact that we're not able to browse the www.mycomp.org from MYCOMP-TFS itself. Unfortunately our expertise ended up with trying the hosts. Would anyone be able to come up with suggestion please? Thanks, V.R.
    Tuesday, December 06, 2011 9:41 PM

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