MobileBroadband - How to uninstall custom service metadata? RRS feed

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  • The Microsoft whitepaper (Preparing to Develop Metro syle Device Apps for Mobile Broadband) describes steps for a developer to customize and to install their own service metadata.

    - How is verisioning controlled?  More specifically, if I create my own metadata for my SIM associated with carrier ABC, how does Windows determine which metadata to load -- mine or the official one for carrier ABC via windows update?  Or is it possible to have multiple metadata associated with the same SIM?

    - How would I remove my custom metadata and ensure the official one gets loaded?  Is it sufficient to remove the files from the devicemetadatastore and devicemetadatacache folders, or are there residual registry entries that would need to be cleaned up as well?



    Monday, May 7, 2012 9:39 PM