Touch Designer, Kinect V2, Dropped Frames and Finnicky USB Connection RRS feed

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    I just recently got a Kinect V2 and am digging into Touch Designer, Non-Commercial version. From what I understand this should not have an impact on performance. When I use any of the camera types the Kinect has available in TD, the input comes in very stuttered and appears to be around 6-15 FPS variably. When I use multiple inputs, I can see in TD that I am barely denting my GPU Memory and should not be affecting my FPS since the Master FPS in TD stays at 60. Occasionally, the Kinect entirely disconnects. I lose all connection, inputs go to Alpha in TD, and the Kinect Shuts off. I'm not sure why this would be occuring.

    Please refer to the below Youtube video for a reference to my FPS issues. Notice the overlay done is Resolume is not stuttered. The entire picture from Input to Output was stuttered in TD though, so by the time it was even spouted to resolume, it was messed up. 

    Any Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!


    Saturday, December 2, 2017 4:10 AM

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