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    Sorry for tagging it under this forum. The thing is I dont have anywhere else to tag it to. 

    I recently bought 2 accounts for office365 mail from GoDaddy and the support from Microsoft is proper s***. I am a novice to website development and wanted support but could get any. So, you are sort of my last resource. When you hear Microsoft, you think you will get the best support wnem it comes to the products but no its completely wrong.

    So, here's my problem. I bought GoDaddy Hosting at first with microsoft email trail and found it hard to set up smtp for my transactional emails ater which I switched to GoDaddy Business Unlimited workspace. Everything seemed to work fine when I found out that Microsoft started blocking my emails. I sent a few test mails to myself that all I did. Kept on reporting it as not spam but it kept on ending up in junk. Google and Yahoo doesn't seem to do it. I spoke to GoDaddy about it and they advised me to buy Microsoft Emails again which I did. 

    Now, the problems seems worse. It was very difficult to set up smtp with Elasticemail. The support from Microsoft - non existent. Anyways, after hours of searching at Google, I finally found a solution which worked. Should have just gone for GSuite instead. I am unable to receive messages in Microsoft servers from smtp transactional relays. It keeps on marking it as spam for no reason. Google marks it as TLS verified. Whats the problem with Microsoft. I am using an account from your own servers and sending it to my personal hotmail account. And to add to that there is no support except someone telling me that its not their department and keeps on referring me here.

    Friday, April 20, 2018 3:33 AM