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    Im working on a system, where I ran in some problems in the Architecture, thus this being my first .NET project ;)

    Anyway, My plans for designing the system is like this:

        - Different languages, using localization
        - Masterpage : Overall layout and Dynamical Menu (loaded from DB)
          - Pages : Pages with content loaded from DB
          - WebForms Pages : Pages with own codebehind, and a <form>.

    I just can't make it work right, some of the webforms need to use different language values for the <label>s, and I need repeaters in different panels (in <select> elements for example, that making trouble also.).

    Is this the best way to design this ? or should I make some changes.

    Class design so far:
     - MasterPageView.cs , loads dataset from the Menu class, for top/left menu.
     - Menu.cs , returns dataset for the different menu's.
     - Page.cs , loads a object with info from a database, based on ID in constructor
     - PageView.cs , handles connecting the Page object with the html elements.

    And then I got some webforms, example login.aspx
     - Login.cs , does a DB lookup to check about username/password is correct.

    And as you might guessed im using C# , and Sharpdevelopment as IDE.

    Hope somebody can give some tips for structuring this in the correct .NET spirit.
    (and oh, this being my first post at this forum,please be nice).

    - Thanks.
    Wednesday, June 28, 2006 6:40 PM

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