Storage log always got AnonymousNetworkError in log when accessing blobs, and followed by AnonymousSuccess


  • I saw this was mentioned a few times in the past, but looks like the answer is always "check your network connection" or "check your client code".

    However, I just did a few clean experiments and saw the AnonymousNetworkError all the time. To be exact, there were always 1 or more AnonymousNetworkError, then followed by one AnonymousSuccess.

    Does anyone happen to know the reason?

    The test was simple:

    1) A video mp4 is used as the blob object.

    2) The blob is public.

    3) I simply put its full url in the browser's url bar, then press enter. No other software was involved. The url is llike:

    4) I tried Edge and Chrome.

    5) In both tests, the video started to play in Edge / Chrome correctly. The browsers didn't complain anything.

    6) Then in the storage log, there were 1 or more AnonymousNetworkError, then followed by one AnonymousSuccess.

    Again, the video played correctly, but I want to use the storage log to check how many times they were played (and when, from where, etc., for each video), so these error messages just makes the log noisy.

    Appreciate any pointers here.

    PS: if anyone from the support team needs, here are the request-id-header IDs:

    The test of Edge was done near 2016-10-14T05:40. The request-id-header are like:


    The first 3 are AnonymousNetworkError, the last one is AnonymousSuccess.

    The test of Chrome was done near 2016-10-14T06:21. The request-id-header are like:


    The first one is AnonymousNetworkError, the last one is AnonymousSuccess.

    Note in both cases, I only pressed the enter once after I put the url in the browser's url bar.

    Saturday, October 15, 2016 1:59 AM

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