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    To the best of my reccolection, as I experienced first hand, "lazy loading" and "eager loading" can't be used when trying to serialize data back across the wire with WCF.

    I had to execute two AJAX calls to get data from two separate, but related tables. I then had to do a LINQ-TO-OBJECT query from the parent table to the child table to get what I needed.

    I then had to manually create a separate POCO class (to combine data from both) to show in a grid.

    All of the above was done with EF4.

    Can you use lazy or eager loading with WCF and EF5 when making DB calls or is EF5 capable of creating POCO classes with related tables when doing a JOIN operation?

    I know if WCF wasn't in the mix, I'd be able to use eager or lazy loading and even a JOIN.

    Maybe it can be different using the new WEB API?

    Is anything different about this scenario with EF5?

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012 4:22 PM


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