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  •  Hello All,

    I have two cascading columns Category and Subcategory in my custom form created in Info path 2013 destop version. Both of them are multi select. I have applied the filter and simple cascading works fine.

    However, I have a specific situation where I need help.

    1) When category and subcategory both are selected and later if category is removed(unselected) then we see a number(ID) in the subcategory multi-select control. 

    How do I get rid of that ID in the subcategory when category is removed?

    A validation rule would also work for me. 

    2) When I select any value from Subcategory. All related values whose category are same are automatically selected. Similarly, when I unselect any subcategory all subcategory whose parent category is same are deselected. 

    How I can get rid of this behavior?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Monali,

    For the second issue, you should set the Value property of the “SubCategory” Multiple-Selection field to another column, such as ID instead of using the lookup column which get information from “Agency Category”.

    For example:

    In the InfoPath forms, there are no actions we can use to deselect the item in a multiple-selection list box when its parent item is deselected. To achieve that, we may need to write code to automatically deselect the item when its parent item is deselected.

    Another simple workaround, add a text in the form to let user uncheck all subcategory if he wants to re-select category.

    We can add a button for unchecking all subcategory check boxes. In this example, field3 is the subcategory.

    Best Regards,

    Linda Zhang

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