Wince 7.0 ceplayer will close when the graph is closed(play movie or music) RRS feed

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  • We're trying to run the CEPlayer from WinCE 6.0 on WinCE 7.0.  We've built it and it will function just fine, but when the graph is destroyed it caused the player to close. Does anyone know how this can be fixed?

    Thanks very much

    Monday, July 15, 2013 5:44 AM

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  • I assume you are creating and providing the window handle to the filter graph.So in that case before destroying the filter graph object did you tried freeing the windows handle ?

    Also when you say player is closing then you mean the process is killed or only windows is closing?Check whether you are getting any exception in the debug output?


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    Monday, July 15, 2013 7:39 AM
  • Dear Prabu, CEPlayer use IMediaPlayer to handle the filter graph, no window handle provide to the filter graph.

    when we close the media player or open another movie or music file, CEPlayer will receive WM_QUIT message.

    I try to update wince 7 to latest version, but the probem still exist. 

    log is post here, but no exception be find. Could you find any clue? 

    线程 0x5990152 已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。
    线程 0x51401ba 已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。
    [ CDK  DEMUX ]CDK Audio DMX Seek Time : 0
    [ CDK  DEMUX ]Seek Position : 0(00:00:00)
    [ CDK  DEMUX ]Real Position : 0(00:00:00)
    [ CDK  DEMUX ]Seek duration : 3[ms]
    线程 0x522016e 已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。
    线程 0x55a016e 已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。
    线程 0x53f01b6 已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。
    线程 0x467017a 已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。
    线程 0x4ed014e 已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。
    卸载模块: TCCCDKDemuxFilter.dll
    卸载模块: TCCCDKAudioDecFilter.dll
    卸载模块: msdxm.dll
    卸载模块: ws2.dll
    卸载模块: mmtimer.dll
    卸载模块: quartz.dll
    线程 0x5640156 已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。
    程序“[0x44E0196] CEPlayer.exe”已退出,返回值为 0 (0x0)。

    Tuesday, July 16, 2013 2:48 AM