What is relationship between docker networks and "container" networks see RRS feed

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  • I'm very confused about how docker is integrated into Windows bearing in mind you can manage containers both through powershell/OS as well as docker executable.

    Right now Get-ContainerNetwork returns following

    PS C:\Users\gregory> Get-ContainerNetwork
    Name          Id                                   Subnets          Mode        SourceMac DNSServers DNSSuffix
    ----          --                                   -------          ----        --------- ---------- ---------
    Layered Wi-Fi 0e3afdf3-214a-42b2-8ca0-a5565f5c05d2                  Transparent
    nat           a8259b8a-f910-4753-80ca-3a40a4a5cb8a {} NAT

    While docker network ls returns below

    PS C:\Users\gregory> docker network ls
    NETWORK ID          NAME                DRIVER              SCOPE
    3a48e7e0883e        nat                 nat                 local
    97387fed261d        none                null                local

    NAT networks actually identical to each other but docker does not see "Transparent network" while Get-ContainerNetwork does not see "none" network.

    In general can somebody from MS team write up how exactly docker and docker networking specifically integrated into Windows and how management of containers work with each other where you have powershell modules "Containers" and "Docker" as well as "docker.exe"  side by side seems to be stepping on each other toes.

    Saturday, December 3, 2016 3:06 PM