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  • Hi all,

    I am developing a Direct X game. It's just a home project but I work for a professional games company. I am use to developing games in a Windows environment. So I can have the IDE on screen and the game running in a small window, which makes it easy to debug. The game can be put into full-screen mode, but this makes it harder to switch between the game and desktop.

    So I have just starting experimenting with Windows 8. The problem is the App Store game runs in full screen mode. I guess this is because it is a "Metro" app. To switch back to the debugger, I need to push the windows button on the keyboard, that takes me back to the start screen, then select the desktop, and then I can get back to the debugger. The game is still running and I can add a break point to stop it.

    However this seems to be jumping through a lot of hoops. Normally I have a multi-monitor setup when the code is on one screen and my watch windows, call-stack windows etc are on the second screen.

    It now seems with Win 8 development I need three screens, the third one just to contain the app I'm developing, as it can't run in a window.

    So does anyone have any tips on how I can switch between the debugger and app quickly and is there a way to run the app in a "Window". At work I do have a multi-monitor setup, but at home I just have a laptop, which make development really time consuming.

    I am new to Windows 8 but I have plugged in a second monitor to my laptop and extended the desktop onto it. Metro apps now run in the main window. but this still only leaves one monitor for the IDE.

    For development I really would like a Metro app to run in a window on the desktop. Is this possible?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    Tuesday, November 20, 2012 9:32 AM