Receive Connector with variable IP Address Binding RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    Hope one of you can help with the following:

    I'm trying to "copy" recieve connectors from Exchange 2007 servers to Exchange 2010 servers using a powershell script. This is part of the script:

    $oldServer = 'serverold'
     $newServer = 'servernew'
     $IPAddress = (gwmi Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration | ? { $_.IPAddress -like "10.*" }).ipaddress
     ForEach ($connector in (get-ReceiveConnector -server $oldServer)) {
         New-ReceiveConnector `
             -Name $Connector.Name `
      -Binding $IPAddress `

    -Fqdn ($Connector.Fqdn.ToString()).Replace($oldServer,$newServer) `


    First question: Can anyone please tell me how I can use the $IPAddress variable in the script to bind it to port 25?

    second question: Can anyone please tell me why the fqdn is NOT being replaced?

    Any help is highly appreciated!

    Kind regards,



    Thursday, April 12, 2012 8:25 AM