Help in filling drillthrough report for multiple parameters. RRS feed

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  • I Am able to pass one parameter from Report1.rdlc to Report2.rdlc using VB code below.
    That said...when trying with 4 parameters
    the fill myadp.Fill(DT.Report2_List, DrillThroughValues(0).Values(0))  gives me a argument not specified for myparm2, myparm3, and myparm4. 

    Added to textboxes to test that parameters values are being passed to Report 2 --answer is yes. 
    Have Report1.rdlc set to pass the 4 parametersto Report2.rdlc in the Jump to.
    Report2.rdlc set to receive 4 parameters along with Report2.xsd in where statement.Report2.rdlc does not generate any data except column headings and texboxes above in testing.
    How do I state/ fill myadp for multiple parameters?
    Any help or links will be appreciated in resolving.

    Protected SubReportviewer1_Drillthrough(ByValSender AsObject,ByVale AsDrillthroughEventArgs) 
    Dimlocalreport AsLocalReport = DirectCast(e.Report, LocalReport)   
    Dimds AsNewDataSet("Report2_List")    
    DimDrillThroughValues AsReportParameterInfoCollection = e.Report.GetParameters()    
    DimDT AsNewReport2_List()     
    Dimmyadp AsNewReport2_ListTableAdapters.Report2_ListTableAdapter()       
    myadp.Fill(DT.Report2_List, DrillThroughValues(0).Values(0))
    localreport.DataSources.Add(NewReportDataSource("Report2_List_Report2_List", DT.Report2_List))

    End Sub

    End Class

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012 7:44 PM