ReportViewer 2010 - Local report - Graph sometimes displays RRS feed

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  • In our application we have a number of reports using ReportViewer v10 (local mode).  On our hosted environment when we run the report sometimes the report renders correctly, but more often that not it doesn't render at all despite using the exact same parameters.  The ReportViewer control renders with the toolbar but its in a disabled state, and none of the report data renders.  There are no error messages on screen or in the server's event log.  Using the SQL Profiler we have validated that the SQL Server is running the the query and returning the correct dataset.

    The reports work fine on our development machines and on our internal test server.

    Any advice would be very, very welcome!!!!

    --- UPDATE ---

    Firstly it seems to work for some users and not others.  There is no correlation that we can find for IE browser versions, IE security settings or network latency, for example, it works for one user at the same site with the same version of IE8 but for another user it won't display 80% of the time.

    It seems the chart image is provided to the browser because if you go back to the previous page in the browser history and then go forward in the history (i.e. go to the original page which didn't have the chart) the chart is displayed and so quickly that it must be retrieved from the browser cache.  It just seems that there is something (scripting issue?) that prevents the image from being displayed initially.  However, the browser is not displaying any errors.

    Friday, January 28, 2011 3:00 PM


  • Resolved.

    The issue was caused by another control on the same screen which also used a HTTP Handler to inject data.  It seems that this would occasionally conflict with the rendering of the reportviewer control.  I removed the offending control and the reportviewer works without fail.

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    Tuesday, February 1, 2011 3:41 PM