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  • Whilst the main Administrator is away I am in charge and we I have received a message saying that the Time-Stamp Certificate on our Email server will run out tomorrow... Please can you someone tell me how I renew this certificate?

    Microsoft Time-Stamp certificate.

    Following the help leads me to click an Advanced Operations (4) option that doesn't exist?!

    To renew a certificate with the same key
    <ddue:steps xmlns="http://ddue.schemas.microsoft.com/authoring/2003/5">
      • <content xmlns="http://ddue.schemas.microsoft.com/authoring/2003/5">Open the Certificates snap-in for a user, computer, or
      • <content xmlns="http://ddue.schemas.microsoft.com/authoring/2003/5">In the console tree, expand the Personal store, and click
      • <content xmlns="http://ddue.schemas.microsoft.com/authoring/2003/5">In the details pane, select the certificate that you are
      • <content xmlns="http://ddue.schemas.microsoft.com/authoring/2003/5">On the Action menu, point to All Tasks, point to
        Advanced Operations, and then click Renew this certificate with the same
        to start the Certificate Renewal Wizard.</content>
      • <content xmlns="http://ddue.schemas.microsoft.com/authoring/2003/5">If more than one certificate is listed in the Request Certificates window,
        select the certificate that you want to renew. Do one of the
        • Use the default values to renew the certificate.
      • Click Details, and then click Properties to
        provide your own certificate renewal settings. You need to know the certification authority
        (CA) issuing the certificate.
    1. <content xmlns="http://ddue.schemas.microsoft.com/authoring/2003/5">Click Enroll. After the Certificate Renewal Wizard has successfully
      finished, click Finish.</content>

    All help welcomed.



    Tuesday, December 3, 2013 2:34 PM