Are Properties on a custom Activity useful in the workflow designer RRS feed

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  • The workflow designer's argument tab allows you to create arguments of various combinations of In and Out, as well as Properties.

    The designer has no problem with the use of arguments on Activities, but yields the following error on the use of a string property I defined :

    Curious, I added a code-behind file to the workflow.  

    Doing so seems to auto-generate a partial class file, which in turn contains a Test property of type String.

    The VB file has no restrictions on using the Test variable, as it believes it to be a normal property, but the workflow designer still complains with the same error.

    So my question is, are properties supposed to only be available to code behind files, and if so, can I hide or disable the Property entry in the Direction combobox in a rehosted editor (since I don't want my customers to try it if it won't work for them)?

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015 8:13 PM