Grammar not llinking sub grammars RRS feed

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  • All,

    I am using the following commad grammar

    Code Snippet
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <GRAMMAR LANGID="409">
    <ID NAME="VID_Command" VAL="1" />
    <RULEREF REFID="RobotNames"/>
    <RULEREF REFID="Forward"/>


    <RULE NAME="RobotNames">
    <P PROPNAME="RobotNames" PROPID="RobotNames" VAL="1">orange robot</P>
    <P PROPNAME="RobotNames" PROPID="RobotNames" VAL="2">white robot</P>
    <P PROPNAME="RobotNames" PROPID="RobotNames" VAL="3">purple robot</P>
    <P PROPNAME="RobotNames" PROPID="RobotNames" VAL="0">blue robot</P>

    <RULE ID ="Forward">
    <P PROPNAME="Forward" PROPID="Forward" VALSTR="forward">go forward</P>
    <P PROPNAME="Forward" PROPID="Forward" VALSTR="forward">forward</P>
    <P PROPNAME="Forward" PROPID="Forward" VALSTR="forward">move forward</P>

    I than run dsshost /p:50000 /m:"samples\config\CommandSpeechRecognizer.manifest.xml"

    It should recognize phrases such as "blue robot move forward" or "purple robot forward" however it does not. The command speech recognizer win form shows each phrase on a separate line i.e

    white robot
    purple robot
    blue robot
    go forward
    move forward

     and will only recognize when a single phrase from the sub rule. For example it will recognize "purple robot" or it will recognize "move forward". What I want it to recognize is commands such as "purple robot move forward" or "blue robot go forward".

    Am I doing something wrong or does command speech recognizer not work this way in MRDS?


    Thursday, July 3, 2008 2:00 PM