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    Couldn't find a Power BI Forum, posted here in the hopes of getting redirected to the proper Forum. I am a rookie, learning PowerBI. After researching for hours online, I still haven't found an appropiate solution, or guidance to my questions :

    1. How can I make PowerBI startup (when a Visualization is first opened/loaded) filter the data model to a specific date or dates? I am trying to migrate SSRS reports to PowerBI. In SSRS you can have a report use parameters so the user selects his criteria than data is extracted. For example, select start/end dates and data is displayed for those dates. Trying to accomplish the same thing in Power BI, so far I have been able to create parameters and apply those parameters to the Data Model, then the Visualization is refreshed accordingly. The problem with this approach that it is not user friendly or suitable for most audiences (mostly of non-technical users). In SSRS or even in Tableau you can have your data directly filtered by dates via slider, Date picker, lists, or even just entering dates.
    2. Are there tools to migrate/convert SSRS reports to PowerBI? I know that SSRS and PowerBI are very different tools/technologies and possibly no direct/complete conversion is possible, but at least some migration or conversion would be helpful. I don't want to start from scratch on Power BI and have to recreate everything from the SSRS reports (like Data Sources, Data Sets, parameters, reports, sub-reports, etc.

    Adrian Hernandez

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