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  • Hi guys,

    Assuming the HCK test have been passed and the hckx package file will be signed with versign what files do I need to include in an HCK submission? Say I have a driver with two version of driver files *.sys and *_64.sys referring to a single *.inf file (along with supporting *.dll's for icons).

    (1) If I'm gonna submit for 64-bit for example, do I need to include the driver for 32-bit? (since they are part of a single *inf package)

    (2) Does it need to include the *.cat file used in temporary test signing?

    Thanks guys...

    Friday, March 15, 2013 11:50 AM

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  • Hello,

    Regarding question (1), you have choices with how you structure and submit your driver package, but you do need to include any files that are copied by your INF(s). Thus, if you are designing your INF to support multiple architectures, your driver package should include those binaries even if you only submit HCK test results for a single architecture.

    If you have a distinct INF per architecture, then you have the option of only including the binaries that are specific to that architecture in the driver package.

    In terms of your HCK submission, you can choose what driver packages to include based on the OS/architecture they were tested against. With any of the options above, the Hardware Dev Center Dashboard (sysdev.microsoft.com) will validate the submission you provide for the respective operating systems and architectures you provide in the HCK submission. In addition, the *.cat files will be created and signed according to those OS/arch pairs as well.

    For the *.cat file question (2), you do not need to worry about including these files in your submission. We will create and if necessary, overwrite, any *.cat file that is required by your INF(s) with the file we sign with the final certificate.

    You may contact sysdev@microsoft.com for further assistance if you have questions specific to your driver(s).

    Friday, March 15, 2013 8:58 PM