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  • It seems the current Metro Start is unmanageable for me, i believe it is a lot better if you change how you change the position of some apps, for example,

    When i click and drag my app, and i place it into another app, i want it to switch position app A to app B position, while app B goes to app A position. The current Metro works like this: App A goes to app B position, and then changes ALL the apps positions on that "groups" of apps. I had to arrange it all over again, and trust me, arranging the apps are not that easy, it takes a lot of efforts since when you change app A to app B position, App A goes to app B, while app B changes all the position of the apps.

    I hope the complete Metro UI had AT LEAST an option to do what i said above. Like maybe on the Windows 8 (complete one), there is an option on settings charm for the Metro Start, that gives users an option to turn ON / OFF, for the above. Feed Back, not a question Topic.

    Tuesday, July 3, 2012 2:22 PM

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  • This one is also nice if Windows 8 (complete) will have it,

    VERTICAL Scrolling instead of Horizontal ones in the Release Candidate Windows 8.

    - Because in many Laptops, Wide Screen, It is a PAIN to do a horizontal scrolling to find my "games" (grouped apps). True i can always use Win + ( - ) to zoom out or use my hand to zoom out. But come on, PC users using Win + ( - ) everytime to get an app that is placed on the most right position. Homer would say "Do'h".

    But My topic (most top) is the one that i think is crucial.

    And oh, i believe it is mandatory for Windows to add Desktop Toolbar to the Desktop as the default (on). Otherwise, it would be a PAIN for administrator and new users. The problem is there are a LOT of people that did not know there is a Desktop Toolbar.

    And this one is THE MOST CRUCIAL, MANDATORY for new users, novices : ADD a START BUTTON, not on the right, not on the left, but.... on the middle. Yeah, Middle of the Task Bar, it would look so cool. And yes, many people likes the start button. Otherwise, this happens :


    Now i KNOW the start Button is becoming more and more useless. But Just add the button, and gives it a link to Control Panel, Metro, User Document, User Music, User Video, User, Recycle Bin, Network. Which means it works just like the Desktop toolbar, just a lot cooler and it is available always (unlike the Desktop Toolbar which MANY people do not know even existed).

    Tuesday, July 3, 2012 2:38 PM