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    I have a VB program which creates an Excel object and writes data into an excel file.

    This data is a report which is sent through mail to the admin. Now i ve been asked not to use Excel Object. So i am writing the data into a CSV file. Is there any other alternative? I also have a problem when i write few fields into CSV like Name(LastName,FirstName) format also I have few numbers preceeded with zeroes. When they are being displayed the zeroes seem to vanish.

    The IDs are supposed to be 8 digit numbers(0s not visible). Also how to add files in CSV(like blank workbook in Excel). Using Excel Object I could easily create another workbook. I am not aware about this in CSV. Please help


    ID        | LastName |FirstName                   |Amount  

    20218456  John Steve                                   
    186975  Gerald Joseph                           -1927.2
    585192  Agarwal  Ted                                -1531.98
    7703952  Oh Lee                                          -1475.82
    575629  Wing Soon                                       -1353.5
    3747761  Dexter Riaz                                      -1345.98

    Friday, June 22, 2007 11:09 AM


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