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  • Hi Everybody,

    I need your expertise suggestion regarding below requirement.

    There is a SharePoint 2013 environment. In this environment we have around six web applications. Under one web application, there are multiple site collections. 

    There is plan to migrate users from old AD domain to new AD domain. Please note that there is no change in user ids. Users are getting migrated as it is in new domain.

    Please not that SharePoint farm will remain in old domain, whereas users are getting migrated to new domain. Users may be available in any site under any web application. My requirement is when users are getting migrated to new AD domain; I need to update the migrated users also in SharePoint farm, keeping intact user’s permission. Please not that it is big SharePoint farm, and number of users are large. I need to migrate the users in SharePoint farm in multiple times. Let’s suppose 400 users once at a time in a week. I can maintain the users in .csv file

    I have found many articles  to migrate the user from old domain to new domain. Mainly I found below method.

    In the below method take a web application and get all the users under site collections. Get all users collection and take the user from csv, if matches use the below method to migrate it.

    Move-SPUser -Identity $User -NewAlias $NewUser -IgnoreSID -confirm:$false

    Please let me know, is the above method migrate the user only at web application level or farm level.

    My requirement is to migrate the user on Farm level

    Second method

    $farm = Get-SPFarm

    $farm.MigrateUserAccount( $_.oldlogin, $_.newlogin, $false )

    Please advise which method I should use. First methods takes time, because if the user is not found in one site collection, it will search in another site collection, unless found it.

    Mohammad Nadeem Alam SME in Emirates NBD

    Tuesday, January 1, 2019 4:30 PM