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  • I decided to install Windows 7  as a virtual PC on a Host OS of Vista Ultimate .
    I configured the Physical network adapter as well because I wanted to access the internet from the Virtual PC .
    During the configuration I noticed , from the Virtual Server Web Administration that a virtual DHCP was also configured ( In the range of the 10.238.  .   Private addresses ) .
    Since my Router configured my LAN from the address range of 192.168.  I did not expect this to work ( Which of course it didn't )
    So thinking it might be smart to check the internet for instructions and manuals about this issue , I found a lot of suggestions about configuring Internet Connection Sharing , NAT etc. 
    No mentioning about the Virtual DHCP which needs  to be disabled .
    So I tried to configure the Internet Connection Sharing from the LAN properties of my  Physical network adapter , did not work , got a error message each time I tried .
    By the way I do not think a router allows ICS .
    Anyway after almost giving up I thought of a very simple way of making this internet connection work.
    First I disabled the Virtual DHCP , gave the LAN from my Virtual PC a fixed IPaddress in the range of my Host PC .
    Set the DNS , DHCP and Gateway to the same address as from my router settings and my internet connection worked from my Virtual PC , besides that my Home network started working as well , I could connect to both the Host and Guest !
    Since I have been working with Virtual PC , I hardly ever have been able to find a complete or correct manual/instruction on the internet , most of the time a fixed a problem by trial and error .
    Does anyone have the same experience when it comes to manuals ?

    Jackie -R

    Sunday, July 26, 2009 10:51 AM