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  • Good afternoon everyone;

    I am planning to develop a project for visualizing Dafny source code. Dafny is an imperative object-based language with built-in specification constructs.

    Program will have only one input file which has Dafny source code. This code will include methods, parameters, return types, special keywords etc. I will either parse this code or create XML file out of this source code in order to visualize it. My purpose is;

    Create a simple visual editor for dafny program. Like BlueJ. I don't have to compile anything, so that part really does not matter. What I want to do manipulate the source code via graph and other way around. Imagine a class diagram drawer. You can create a source code with drawing class diagrams. So I am looking for most suitable frameworks for that. I will use in C#.

    Could you suggest me some frameworks that could help me on my project please? 

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    Thursday, October 24, 2013 1:26 PM