West EU storage often hangs new connections RRS feed

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  • I've noticed that even in normal use the West EU IP very often doesn't reply ACK packets to the initial TCP SYN requests, i.e. new TCP connections to it hang. I don't see this in other storage IPs, even in West EU IP But every time I create a new storage, it uses the buggy IP. The hangs happen both from my own network, but also from Azure VMs, so the problem isn't on my network. Happens to requests on both ports 80 and 443.

    Easiest way to reproduce this in Linux is with a script that rapidly tries to do HTTP requests, for example:

    while sleep 0.1; do date; curl; done

    It takes from a few seconds to a few minutes to suddenly start waiting for a long time. Note that it happens also when sending valid authenticated HTTP GET requests not rapidly, so I don't think it can be blacklisting my IP because of invalid/too many requests.
    Friday, June 7, 2013 4:19 PM


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