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  • Hello Eveyone,

    sorry if this question has already been asked here, or if I'm in the wrong topic, but, google and bing didn't show the path.  I'm actually looking for the following setup:

    What do I need to deliver the following:

    Server Virtualization + Desktop Virtualization + Application Virtualization

    Let me elaborate on this: I know Citrix better then I do MS products.  In Citrix, I created following setup:
    XenServer as the HyperVisor, running 4 windows servers, with 1 DC (citrix licensing/ts licensing), 1 provisioning server; 1 desktop delivery controller and 1 provisioning server.  This is the setup needed for XenDesktop + XenApp.  Additionally a Windows 7 client was added to provide the desktops. (The XenApp also delivers my webaccess)

    I would like to to know the schema/layout I would need to do the same with Microsoft products:  Windows 2008 R2+Hyper-V, Remote Desktop and App-V.  I know that I would need more servers then the ones I'm stating here, and following microsoft's logic, I would go for:
    1 DC (doing ts/rds licensing), 1 Session Host server, 1 connection broker, 1 web access server, 1 windows 7 client, 1 windows Hyper-V. 

    Can anyone tell me how the licensing is done, going from the perspective that I want 5 clients to run a virtual desktop?  Logically I would presume, 5 windows server licenses = 1 win7 license + 5 vdi windows licenses, 5 VDI server desktop licenses, 5 app-v licenses.

    PS: I know there's no HA/failover etc, but that doesn't matter as this would just be a test-setup to show what it looks like.

    Thans a lot,
    Monday, November 23, 2009 10:51 AM