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  • I am developing a product with a Toradex WEC2013 SOM and I would like to add WiFi support to it, specifically Dual Band Wifi, and I would really like to keep the price as low as possible. Unfortunately I am really struggling to figure out what would be the easiest way to get this done. I am very new to Embedded Windows and do not know what to expect.

    My problem is that I have no idea what module on dongle will have compatible drivers. Very few manufacturers indicate that they have Windows CE drivers and no-one indicates that they have WEC drivers. Those who supposedly have CE drivers also don't seem to really provide any form of link to them. I do not have such an in-depth knowledge of WiFi adapters and I have no idea if there might be some driverless communication standard for them. All I can see is that WEC2013 has something called native WiFi drivers and then drivers for a few Realtek chipsets and some custom modules from a manufacturer who does not provide pricing on their website and are not replying to my emails.

    Now from what I have gathered on Windows CE forums, there might be some sort of USB network adapter standard, does WEC2013 support this? Do most USB adapters support this?

    Also, Toradex have provided a few places where they recommend I buy modules, and I think that a PCI-E module like might integrate better than a USB dongle and I would like to know if maybe there is some standard PCI-E network adapter interface. Toradex does not really say if the modules from these places are supported, only that they are recommended. I know that Variscite offers their SOMs with something that appears to be a module like this if not exactly this module. I have asked the store if they know what I can do for a driver but I have not received a reply yet.

    I have read on the Toradex site that I might need to develop a custom driver for my WiFi adapter, and even though I have no experience writing divers, I am up to the challenge of learning how to. All that I can't seem to figure out is how this will be possible for WiFi adapters that all provide only compiled drivers for plain Desktop Windows and Linux. I mean how on earth can I port a driver without the source.

    Also, coming back to those Realtek Chipsets that have drivers in the WEC driver library on Microsofts site, say I can get a module that uses such a chipset, is the driver for USB, PCI-E, both or is that somehow not relevant?

    PS. I know that module also has Bluetooth, and it would be nice if I could be able to use that two. 

    Tuesday, November 11, 2014 9:17 AM

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