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    So a client wants to view your webpage ( o happy you ),where he has saved text in your database

    you open a connection to the database conn.open();

    so you do a FIRST query for the text  and then you close the connection conn.close(); ( 0.4 seconds in total )

     ( as you where told to do. ) and then the connection stays in the ASPNET.connection pool , right?

    and you have connection pooling in the datbase to right? ( thats what i am sending in the databaseconnectionstring anyway )

    and then you send the webpage with the result to your client

    , then the client reads the page, drinks from his coffeecup, answers a question to his wife,

    thinks about a minute, changes the textbox,text ( witch will take about another minute )

    and then he clicks the save button to save his changes.

    Then i takes 0.4 seconds to open the connection again (tested it with trace)

    conn.open() update record  conn.close() ( 0,4 seconds )

    conn.open() query the new record ( because you want to show success ) conn.close() ( 0.04 seconds )

    and send it back to the client , Aha my changes are saved says the client

    BUT why does it take 0.4 seconds ( again ) to open the FIRST connection,

    is not  pooling about keeping the ( 0.04 seconds ) response time ?

    is the garbage collector destroying the ASPNET.pooling object (and or) destroying the database pooling itself?

    SO, Why does it always takes 0.4 seconds everytime for the first query and 0.04 seconds for the second ( and consecutive ) querys.

    for each webpage request ?


    Friday, January 11, 2013 5:11 PM

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  • User753101303 posted


    The connection doesn't stay in the pool forever but is really closed if not used again for few minutes. Do you see the same behavior if the page is used again soon rather than few minutes later ?

    Monday, December 4, 2017 2:44 PM