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    I am running Windows XP Professional.  I just did a fresh install and I am thinking that I may have to redo.  I expected Windows Update to take care of the .NET Framework installations a certain way.  The only install was .NET Framework 4 client profile.  I still have my other installation on the slave drive so I could cross reference some things.  My old installation would never accept a couple of the .NET Framework security updates.  I pushed it off and pushed it off, as getting into system administration and maintenance while I am in the middle of developing software is undesired.  Well, I can't push it off any longer.  I need to work with a fresh, clean, and tight install of XP Pro with all the .NET Frameworks so as not to miss out on any functionality whatsoever.  I have a ton of applications to reinstall as well.  I can't even tell you which apps need which versions of the Framework.  So I'll just install all of them.

    Is there a package download that installs all .NET Frameworks in order by which they came out? 

    If no such installation does exist, I will download all the stand-alone versions on a separate partition, reinstall XP Pro, Install all the .NET Frameworks (by order of release date), and THEN let windows update take care of the rest.

    Does that sound right?   Please, before I get started on this whole dreadful process, I really need some expert advise so that perhaps through some miracle, I won't have to go through this yet AGAIN.

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011 4:36 PM


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