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  • Creating a Hiding Rule with FSLogix

    Hiding rules are able to hide specific objects in your operating system.  This article will show you how to make a new hiding rule with the RuleEditor.



    1. Create a rule-set

     In this tutorial we will be adding our hiding rule to a new blank rule-set.  If the desire is to add the hiding rule to an existing rule-set, Please skip this step.

     To create a new rule-set:

    • File > New
    • Name the rule-set and save location
    • Check Blank Rule Set



    2. Add a hiding rule to the rule-set

    To add a new rule to your rule-set: Click the Plus icon in the toolbar, Or select Edit > New Rule

    In the drop down menu select Hiding Rule

    Enter a path to the object to be hidden, or choose the object by clicking the folder icon. A drop down menu will be displayed showing the objects FSLogix can hide.

    • Files
    • Directories
    • Registry keys
    • Registry values
    • Printers
    • Fonts

    Select the corresponding Object Type object you chose.

    The rule should now look similar what is pictured,  (as an example this image, when applied, will hide "procexp.exe" )

    At this point the hiding rule is finished, click OK and it will be added to the rule-set.

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