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  • Hello All, 

    we are doing some investigation on MS DQS recently. One question in my mind is who will upload the data (from excel to DQS project) and decide to approve/reject the data correction.

    If this is the work for end users, most likely I think this should be a self-service type project, does that mean we have to install DQS client in all users' desktop? How does the license charge if only install DQS client? And how to prevent users to change the knowledge base?


    Thursday, July 16, 2015 2:46 AM


  • Hi Derek,

    If I understand your question correctly, you want to know who is responsible for creating the underlying knowledge in DQS and then who is supposed to use the DQS knowledge to cleanse data using DQS projects.

    Typically, organizations have a set of users called Data Stewards, who are responsible for creating and managing the organizational data that is high is quality in terms of completeness and accuracy. Also, the data needs to be continuously enhanced/improved to keep it up-to-date.

    • Data stewards can use the DQS knowledge base to build a high-quality data repository. You can control who can create/manage knowledge bases in DQS using the dqs_kb_editor role. See DQS Security.
    • IT professionals and (junior) data stewards can use DQS projects to run data cleansing or matching against the high quality data in the DQS knowledge base. You can restrict these users from changing the knowledge base by assigning them the dqs_kb_operator role. See DQS Security.

      I did not quite understand your question: "who will upload the data (from excel to DQS project) and decide to approve/reject the data correction". You use a Data Quality project to compare the values in an Excel sheet against a DQS knowledge base, cleanse your data (approve/reject), and then export the data to an Excel file.

    To perform knowledge management and cleansing/matching activities, you require DQS Client application. However, for cleaning and matching, you can also use SSIS and MDS respectively. See Data Quality Functionality in Integration Services and Master Data Services. But, for knowledge management, you must have the DQS client.


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